Saturday, May 30, 2009


Memorial Day originated in 1868, when Union General John A. Logan designated a day in which the graves of Civil War soldiers would be decorated.
Known as Decoration Day, the holiday was changed to Memorial Day within twenty years, becoming a holiday dedicated to the memory of all war dead. It became a federal holiday in 1971, and is now observed on the last Monday in May.
I know I posted a salute to your honored war dead on May 25th the day most people observe
Memorial Day. To me growing up we always celebrated and decorated the graves on May 30th,
I remember my mother gathering the flowers she had in her flower garden, roses, snowballs, lilacs and other flowers she had and walking to the cemetery and placing large bouquets on the graves. To this day I still consider Memorial Day to be May 30th.
Another memory that comes to mind on this day is the selling of red poppies. My dad who fought
in World War I always bought one and wore it on that day. Do any of you remember this
A big thank you to all the men and women who serve to keep this great country safe!!!

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Anonymous said...

I do remember the poppies. When my brother-in-law died las year we were all given poppies by the military at his funeral. At our high school on the Friday prior to Memorial Day the mayor came and gave a speech. Then we had a gun salute and all of the names of the they guys who died that had went to our school was read. I remember the importance of the day and the respect that was shown by my fellow students during that ceremony. It's something I will always remember.