Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I hope all of you had a very nice Memorial
day weekend, and that you have a very
nice Tea and Friendship Tuesday.

This is another teapot with cups that my
daughter has displayed on her kitchen island.
I still prefer coffee to tea but for all you tea
drinkers have a wonderful Tea and Friendship


BrasherGirl said...

I like the old-fashioned look of that tea set!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tea set. Blue is my favorite color ♥ I also like the old-fashioned look of it. It's very pretty indeed. Thank you so much for partisipating in Tea and friendship Tuesday's :>)

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Deann and Carol.

Anonymous said...

Love the set.. I also love tea and would be using that baby every day if it were mine.

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you for your very nice comment Pat.

Happy To Be said...

Just love this...I do love the Blue/white in an kitchen...looks great...May you have a wonderful day my friend...And I love to go to Grass Valley...so many wonderful antiques shope there...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Madeline's Album said...

Gloria, thanks for the nice comment. I graduated from Nevada Union High School located in Grass Valley at the time l954.