Sunday, August 30, 2009


It has been raining here off and on all morning.
A very good soaking rain which is great for the
lawn and plants. Not being able to go into the
pool I took advantage of the time and addressed
all my up coming birthday cards for the rest of
the year. Believe me I have quite a lot of them
starting in September and running throught
December. It is hard to believe that August
is one day away from being over and September
is going to be here. I had a very good summer
and am looking forward to the coming of autumn
and the coming of all the festive holidays that are
ahead of us. I hope you all had a great summer.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I believe that friendship is the
most blessed possession man
can have and that in our friends
we should cherish what is good
in them and look with tolerance
on what we think bad. The
happiest moments of my life
have been in the flow of affection
among friends. I believe it is
better to live in a modest home
with my books, my family and
a few true friends, than to move
in and artificial atmosphere.
~Thomas Jefferson~

Wish everyone a great Tea and
Friendship Tuesday.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Since it was the last full day of their vacation we
took them to Palisades Park for a picnic Sunday. We were
met there by our daughter, Deann, and her two boys.
Pictured above our daughter, Kara, on left of photo
daughter, Deann, on right having fun on the swings.

Palisades Park has some old time buildings
Here are four visiting grandchildren posing on
the steps of one of the old buildings. From left
to right, Logan, Peyton, Bryce and Drake.

Pictured here are Logan, Peyton, Adam, Joseph
Drake and little Bryce in front

Daughter Kara with her four children. From left
to right: Drake, Peyton, Bryce, and Logan

Another picture of all the cousins. Standing in
back is Drake. In front from left to right Logan,
Peyton, Bryce, Joseph and Adam.

Round and round they went. They had fun
on all the rides.

Peyton enjoyed this bouncy ride.

Bryce and his Aunt Deann enjoyed the bouncy
ride also.

Drake enjoying the bouncy ride

Bryce and Logan enjoying the bouncy ride also.
It was a fun filled day. The kids had a lot of fun
playing and exploring around the park. My
husband and I enjoyed watching them playing
together and enjoying each other company.
We took them to the airport this morning for
their flight home to Battle Ground, Washington.
The house seems so quite and empty. I am
going to miss them.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have two Anniversaries to
acknowledge today. The first
one is to my son, Kenneth, and
his wife, Lisa. Twenty-nine
years. The second is to my
grandson, Eric, and his wife
Summer. Six years. Wishing
you all a wonderful day.

Friday, August 21, 2009


Here Bryce, three years old, swimming on his
As long as he has on his swimmies he goes into
the deep water. He has swam the whole length
of the pool.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I was asked to post pictures of
Vulcan. I had to get these two
off the Internet. It was difficult
to get a good picture of Vulcan
with my camera.

Vulcan, Roman god of forge - the
world's largest cast iron statue.
Created by Guiseppe Moretti, to
promote Birmingham's iron industry
at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.
Vulcan and his WPA pedestal stand
182 feet atop Red Mountain overlooking
the city of Birmingham. A few years ago
due to deterioration the statue was taken
down in pieces and had a make over. It is
now back to its old glory.


Monday we took are daughter and her four

children to one of Birmingham,s famous

landmarks, the statue of Vulcan, Roman god

of forge - the world's largest cast iron statue.

It was created by Guiseppe Moretti, to promote

Birmingham's iron industry at the 1904 St. Louis

World's Fair. Vulcan and his WPA pedestal stand

182 feet atop Red Mountain overlooking the city

of Birmingham.

Logan and Drake with a cast of Vulcan's

This was taken atop of the statue's viewing
platform. It was quite windy as you can see.
Pictured above are Logan, Drake, daughter
Kara, Peyton, Bryce in stroller and Pawpaw'

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While my daughter, Kara, is here visiting we
had a family get together. Only eight of our
grandchildren were here. Back row left to
right is Julie, Kristopher, Adam and Joseph.
Front row left to right is Peyton, Bryce, Logan
and Drake.

Pictured above are my four grownup
children. Left to right is Kenneth, Kara,
Deann and Debbie. It has been four years
since they have all been together.

Every one had a good time swimming and
then we had pizza, salad, black olives, baby
carrots, pickles, drinks were root beer, pepsi,
and ice tea, for desert we had chocolate cake.

Friday, August 14, 2009


Our first stop was a vintage racing car.
Our smallest grandson, Bryce, working the
the controls of some model space thing.

Logan laying down in space module with Drake
and Peyton looking on.

Bryce on the right of this picture laying the wrong
way. Logan laying the right way and Drake again
looking on.

Drake took his turn laying down with Logan
looking on.

Logan is on the right, next to him is Peyton, then
Bryce, and then Drake.

This is one of the rides for little kids. It takes
them up then it bounces up and down two or
three times. Bryce, who is three years old loved
this ride as did his sister Peyton, who is four years
old and Logan, who is eight years old. Drake, who
is six years old rode it a couple of times but did not
enjoy it as much as the others. They had other rides
which Logan and his mother rode. They all seemed
to have a good time. Mamaw and Pawpaw were a
little tired by the end of the day after all the walking.
It was my first time at the space center and I enjoyed
all the exhibits and information about all the astronauts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


There are big ships and
small ships. But the best
ship of all is Friendship.
~Author Unknown~

Hope everyone has a great
Tea and Friendship Tuesday.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Youngest grandaugther Peyton,
who is four years old, having
fun in the pool.

Logan, who is eight years old,
ready to jump in the pool.

Drake, who is six years old is
ready to jump off the diving

Logan again enjoying the pool.

Drake enjoying the pool.

Bryce, who is three years old making
up his mind to get in and enjoy the pool.

Peyton our little ham, hamming it up
for the camera.
They are enjoying their visit and we are
enjoying them being here. More pictures

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


In three hours our youngest daughter and her four children
will be arriving at the airport in Birmingham and my husband
I will be there waiting to pick them up. It has been over three
years since they have been home for a visit. Our other children
and grandchildren have never seen Bryce who is the youngest.
Everyone is excited that they are going to be here for nineteen
days. The pool will get lots of use. The oldest, Logan, says he is
going to learn to dive off the diving board. When Drake was here
last time he was afraid of the big pool, hope he will like it this time.
Peyton was just a baby last time here. Pictures will follow.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Her Grace The Duchess of Tea, has appointed the following blogs and their charming writers as Honorary Nobles of the Most Excellent Order of the Blog Empire.
This insignia is in recognition and appreciation of the bloggers role as followers and daily commentators of Rose Tea Cottage and for having vision, knowledge, charm and humour on their own blogs. Naturally, this recognition is not transferable and is solely intended for the bloggers named herein.
I am so grateful for this award. I hope you bloggers will visit The Duchess of Tea at her blog , Rose Tea Cottage. I feel so honored to be amongest those who have received this award. Thank you Duchess.


Another yard sale find. This enamel tea kettle
is what I use to boil water for our instant coffee.
It is a nice piece and adds a little bit of color to
my kitchen. Whether you enjoy coffee or tea
have a great Tea and Friendship Tuesday.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


In August when the days are
hot, I like to find a shady spot,
and hardly move a single bit...
and sit...
and sit...
and sit...
and sit...