Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I believe that friendship is the
most blessed possession man
can have and that in our friends
we should cherish what is good
in them and look with tolerance
on what we think bad. The
happiest moments of my life
have been in the flow of affection
among friends. I believe it is
better to live in a modest home
with my books, my family and
a few true friends, than to move
in and artificial atmosphere.
~Thomas Jefferson~

Wish everyone a great Tea and
Friendship Tuesday.


Charli and me said...

I love this quote. It's very true. I am going to save it. Thank you so much for partisipating in 'Tea and Friendship Tuesdays.'

farmlady said...

This is so true. Friendships are the real wealth of our lives.

Anne said...

Loved that quote from Thomas Jefferson. Happy Tea & Friendship Tuesday!