Monday, August 24, 2009


Since it was the last full day of their vacation we
took them to Palisades Park for a picnic Sunday. We were
met there by our daughter, Deann, and her two boys.
Pictured above our daughter, Kara, on left of photo
daughter, Deann, on right having fun on the swings.

Palisades Park has some old time buildings
Here are four visiting grandchildren posing on
the steps of one of the old buildings. From left
to right, Logan, Peyton, Bryce and Drake.

Pictured here are Logan, Peyton, Adam, Joseph
Drake and little Bryce in front

Daughter Kara with her four children. From left
to right: Drake, Peyton, Bryce, and Logan

Another picture of all the cousins. Standing in
back is Drake. In front from left to right Logan,
Peyton, Bryce, Joseph and Adam.

Round and round they went. They had fun
on all the rides.

Peyton enjoyed this bouncy ride.

Bryce and his Aunt Deann enjoyed the bouncy
ride also.

Drake enjoying the bouncy ride

Bryce and Logan enjoying the bouncy ride also.
It was a fun filled day. The kids had a lot of fun
playing and exploring around the park. My
husband and I enjoyed watching them playing
together and enjoying each other company.
We took them to the airport this morning for
their flight home to Battle Ground, Washington.
The house seems so quite and empty. I am
going to miss them.


BrasherGirl said...

Shall we come make a lot of noise for you?

Tattycat said...

The pictures are great. Looks like everyone had a good time. I know the house is quiet and you are going to miss them. Good new is, the way time is flying, you will see them again before you know it!

farmlady said...

I would imagine it's kind of quiet around there. Bet you will miss them terribly.
What a nice visit you've had.

Anne said...

I can see from the pictures that you all were having a great time at the park. Sorry to hear that visit came to a close. I hope you and your husband will be able to see them soon in the near future. Thanks Madeline for showing pic's of your family together. It was nice to see. What great memories you all will have from this visit.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful time all of you have had. It is hard to see them go. I feel the same way and all of mine live within driving distance. I am glad you had that special time together. It sounds like you have a lovely family Madeline.