Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Monday we took are daughter and her four

children to one of Birmingham,s famous

landmarks, the statue of Vulcan, Roman god

of forge - the world's largest cast iron statue.

It was created by Guiseppe Moretti, to promote

Birmingham's iron industry at the 1904 St. Louis

World's Fair. Vulcan and his WPA pedestal stand

182 feet atop Red Mountain overlooking the city

of Birmingham.

Logan and Drake with a cast of Vulcan's

This was taken atop of the statue's viewing
platform. It was quite windy as you can see.
Pictured above are Logan, Drake, daughter
Kara, Peyton, Bryce in stroller and Pawpaw'


BrasherGirl said...

Looks like another fun outing!

farmlady said...

What an interesting trip. Did you take a picture of the Vulcan Statue? I would have loved to have seen it.