Tuesday, August 18, 2009


While my daughter, Kara, is here visiting we
had a family get together. Only eight of our
grandchildren were here. Back row left to
right is Julie, Kristopher, Adam and Joseph.
Front row left to right is Peyton, Bryce, Logan
and Drake.

Pictured above are my four grownup
children. Left to right is Kenneth, Kara,
Deann and Debbie. It has been four years
since they have all been together.

Every one had a good time swimming and
then we had pizza, salad, black olives, baby
carrots, pickles, drinks were root beer, pepsi,
and ice tea, for desert we had chocolate cake.


BrasherGirl said...

It was fun!

Anne said...

Thanks for letting us see into 'Madeline's Album.' You must have been in heaven just to have your family together again. What a great post.

farmlady said...

How lovely family can be. Aren't you proud? You should be. You certainly deserve it.

Anne said...

Just popping in to say hello. You have been such a wonderful bloggy friend to me. I hope your week is going beautifully. =)

Charli and me said...

Good evening Madeline, It looks like your having such a great time with your family.I'm so happy for you :>) You are creating so many happy memories for everyone. Thanks for sharing.