Thursday, May 14, 2009


On May 27, 1945 I received my First Holy Communion,
that was 64 years ago. The items pictures above
are the mementoes given to us on that day. The case
was white at one time but is now yellowed with age. The
pray book is worn with age. The girls got white rosaries
and the boys got black rosaries. There was also 2
pictures: one of our Lady of MtCarmel and the other of
St. Simon Stock. Click on the picture to enlarge.


Tattycat said...

Madeline, I know these are very meaningful to you. Thank you for sharing a part of your childhood with us.

BrasherGirl said...

Very nice. Do you have a photo of yourself from that day?

farmlady said...

I have a small regret in life and that is that my mom didn't raise me in the Catholic faith. She was, but she left it to marry my father. I love the beauty of the Catholic church and go with my son who joined a few years ago. He says I just need to go and take classes but I don't. I can't explain it. I only know i feel something very strong when I'm there.
These Holy Communion items are beautiful and they must have such wonderful memories for you.
Thanks for sharing them.

Madeline's Album said...

Laura, Deann, and Connie, thank you for your very nice comments. Deann, I have a picture but not sure if it was taken on that day or Easter. Connie I have always liked the serenity of the mass.

Anne said...

Wow how amazing and awesome that you still have your gifts from your First Holy Communion. Thanks for sharing that with us! Your blog looks really nice by the way. Keep up the good work! =)

Madeline's Album said...

Thank your Anne for your very nice comments.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful treasures you have Madeline. We were given a picture with our name on it. The girls got white and the boys got a black frame. I still have mine. I made my First Holy Communion on May 13, 1956 at St. Sebastian parish.
Thank you for all of the lovely comments you leave on my blog ♥

Madeline's Album said...

Again thank you Carol.