Tuesday, April 21, 2009


~~ On The Wings Of a Butterfly~~
Your friendship is special like
the flowers that bloom, or when
a butterfly emerges from within
its cocoon....
You remind me of that butterfly,
loving and free, bright and
colorful, for the world to see...
We will share sunshine and rainbows;
sometimes, the rain and the snow;
We'll stand together through it,
while the cold wind blow...
When the time if right, we won't stop
to ask "Why" our friendship will take
flight on the wings of a butterfly...
~Corky Ferguson~

Have a wonderful Tea and
Friendship Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem ♥ Thank you for partisipating in Tea and Friendship Tuesday's. Your friendship means the world to me. I hope you have a lovely day ♥

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Carol, I am enjoying participating in Tea and Friendship Tuesdays. I have made some good friends here and I consider you to be one of them. Have a great day. Madeline