Saturday, April 4, 2009


Here is a picture of two of my pink azalea bushes.
They are loaded down with blooms. While sitting
outside in my swing I noticed an unusual visitor
amongst the bumble bees. A tiny bumble bee
hummingbird was getting his fill of nectar. They are
the size of a bumble bee but with different markings.
Pictured below are a few of the photos I got of the
tiny thing. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Here he is a the top center of picture.

You can just barely see him on the top left of

Here is a bumble bee on the left of picture and
the bumble bee hummingbird top center of

He is at top center of this picture. Notice the 2
yellow stripes around his body,

He is just verily visible on the right side at top of
this picture.

Wisteria bush that has come up in the middle of
cactus bush. My husband has been keeping it
trimmed. This is the first year it has bloomed.

Close up view of same bush.

Same bush taken at a different angle.

Close up view of another bush. First time it
has bloomed.

Same bush as above.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers!! I've saw those little critters flying around my garden.. their so cute to watch.

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Pat. They are fun to watch.

BrasherGirl said...

Great photos, Mom! Your flowers are very pretty this year. I hope the cold weather they're predicting for next week doesn't hurt them!

Madeline's Album said...

It might Deann. At least I have had a little time enjoying them.

farmlady said...

Those Azaleas are really beautiful! No wonder the little bumblebee/hummingbird is there. He must think he died and went to Heaven.
Wisteria and Cactus..., now that's a combination. Just shows you that everyone should be able to get along.

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you farmlady for your kind comments. If only people could get along as well as my wisteria and cactus do:).

Anne said...

Your Azalea Bush is just beautiful. I can't get over the resemblance this little humming bird has. It does look so much like a bumble bee. I've never seen a humming bird like that. Thanks for showing us all a picture. And it also looks like your other bushes are off to a good start. Thank you Madeline for the Birthday wish. ♥

Anonymous said...

Your Azaleas are simply gorgeous!It's snowing here. I'm worried about my bushes that we pruned last week. I hope you have a happy day ♥

Madeline's Album said...

Your welcome Anne and thank you for the nice comment. Carol, I hope the snow does not get your bushes and flowers. Thank you for your nice comments.