Thursday, April 30, 2009


I could has chosen a poem by
a well known poet, but instead
I chose to post a poem written
by my daughter, Deann, for her
dad one father's day.


It seems like only yesterday that
I was your "little girl," and you
were my Daddy--more precious
than a pearl.

As time passed, and the years flew
by, they changed us gradually. You
came to be simply Dad, and I was
your "young lady."

Now that I am all grown up with a
family of my own, I've come to
realize one thing that you've probably
always known.

No matter what my age is-- whether
three or ninety-three--You're really
still my Daddy, and you forever more
will be.
~Deann Brasher~


BrasherGirl said...

I'm going to go hide under something now...

Anne said...

What a beautiful and touching poem. It made my eyes get a little teared up. What talent your daughter has for writing poetry. She should continue to write more poems.

Anonymous said...

I just love this Madeline. What a wonderful and heart felt poem. I know you must be very proud of your daughter. I too believe your daughter should keep writing poetry. She has a sensitive and soulful nature. Dear Brasher Girl...Great job! Thank you very much for partispating in Poem In Your Pocket Day ♥

farmlady said...

Thank you for sharing your daughter's poem. It's beautiful! Tell her to keep writing.

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you ladies for your very nice comments. I will relay your message to keep writing to my daughter. Have a very good evening.