Saturday, April 25, 2009

It is a beautiful day here in Pinson, Alabama. More
like summer then spring. I still have a few more
pots to plant flowers in but I am just taking it easy
today enjoying this weather. The planting can be
done another day. Later on this afternoon we have
to drive over to our son's house to check on his dog,
make sure she has water and food. If there are
any yard sales on the way we will stop and see what
we can find. Hope wherever you are you are having
a good day.


BrasherGirl said...

You're absolutely right. It is a beautiful day, but it does feel like summer instead of spring.

We did some yard work here at the house this morning, and then went to Sonic after lunch for ice cream cones. Yum, yum!

Madeline's Album said...

On a hot day like today ice cream cones are so good. I think I'll get one out of the freezer and go sit out on the swing.

Anne said...

I hope your still enjoying good weather. Your shrub in bloom sure looks lovely.