Thursday, April 2, 2009


I am not good at telling a story but I am going
to try. Once upon a time I had a beautiful fish
pond. In it I had waterlilies, water iris, and many
gold fish, at one time I had close to 100 fish. A few
years ago I noticed that my fish were disappearing.
They were not dieing because I could not find one
floating to the top of the water. Maybe I thought
raccoons. They just kept disappearing until only
one was left. He was around a few days then he
was gone. Lo and behold one day we came home
after having breakfast with some friends and there
on the bridge was the culprit pictured below who
had feasted on the gold fish and probably fed his
family. After seeing him on the bridge we saw
him and 2 others probably his mate and a youngster
in the trees around our pool. I now have a rock
garden where the pond was.


BrasherGirl said...

The End.

Anne said...

Wow, a beautiful owl but poor little fishies. I just love how your Easter blog is coming along Madeline. It looks really pretty. I just love your header and the falling Easter eggs. Nice spring touch. Have a nice evening.

Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful story but sad for the fish

Anonymous said...

It was such a beautiful pond! It's a shame you had to make it into a rock garden although I bet it's still just as pretty. It sounds like you were going to have more and more owls though. The owl is beautiful! I like the eggs you have falling in your blog too :>)

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you all for your very nice comments. Have a good evening.

Tattycat said...

I think you told the story very well. I miss your lovely pond too, but no need feeding sweet fish to the birds. Even though I like the birds too. I will chime in with the other ladies. The Easter blog is coming along nicely. It looks real good.

farmlady said...

I was thinking ..., My new cat? No, she's still under the bed. But an owl! Poor fish. It's probably best that you made the pond into a garden.

Have a good weekend.

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Laura and Farmlady. I do miss going out and feeding them and the grandchildren miss watching them. I still have a corner with my water iris. Enjoy your day.