Saturday, December 13, 2008


Manger scene I have along the pool fence.
The wise men and camel along the same fence
to the left of the manger scene. Storage building where I store all my holiday
Back of the house . The two trees change colors
from white to blue. The wreath has multi-colored
This is what people call my court yard. In the
background is my little house, used for my
gardening material. The sleigh, santa, and deer
were crafted many years ago by my husband.
I did the painting.
Closer look at the bridge with sleigh, santa, and
A closer look at the little house with Santa and
Mrs. Claus on the porch. There is also a small
Christmas tree but it is hard to see.

Bridge over what used to be my fish pond until
the owls had my gold fish for their supper. It is
hard to see but there is a Christmas tree next to
Santa. I took all these pictures at night but they
really do not do the decorations justice. I have
had people stop and take pictures. I get alot of
nice comments from people and it is the reason
I love to decorate. With the help of my husband
it takes us 2 weeks to do the inside and outside
of the house. Now that I have all the decorations
done I have started my baking. I bake pumpkin
breads and gingerbread cookies for all my children,
grandchildren and friends. Some people are like
old Scrooge complaining and making a job out of
Christmas. To me it is a joy to do for other people,
to see the joy in a childs eyes when he visits Santa.
I have tried to incorporate all the meanings of Christmas
in my decorations, remembering the true and real
meaning of Christmas the birth of our Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.


BrasherGirl said...

All the decorations look very nice. I hope no one tries to take any of them like they did your flags!

Tattycat said...

Everything looks beautiful. You both work so hard. Merry Christmas!

Anne said...

You outdoor decorations are so nice and festive. What I great job. I just loved the your painted reindeer with Santas sleigh. I'm sure your family just love all the Christmas treats you make for them.

Anonymous said...

It's all so beautiful and it makes me feel quilty that I haven't done more to my house.