Monday, December 1, 2008


When each of the families got ready to leave on Thanksgiving
day they left with some of my homemade gingerbread cookies &
a small pumpkin bread. I will be baking more for Christmas.
I have been busy getting the house all decorated up for
Christmas and will be posting some pictures of all my Christmas
trees as soon as I am finished.


BrasherGirl said...

Brian and the boys have polished off all the cookies, but I've still got the pumpkin bread hidden in the refrigerator. Don't worry, though. I plan on sharing it with the boys for dessert tonight!

Anonymous said...

How nice of you to send them home with treats.
Makes me want some ginger bread cookies.

Tattycat said...

YUMM!!! I'm glad you had a good

Anne said...

Your treats look very yummy! Those little pumpkin breads are so adorable. How sweet of you to make those up for your guests to take home with them.