Tuesday, December 2, 2008


This is one of three 2 ft. trees that I have
up. This one is done in crystal hearts
and small paper gold angels. It is in,
as you can see, my main bathroom. These
three trees I put away every year
still decorated.
4 ft. tree located in one of the

This 4 ft. aluminum tree is almost
50 years old. My two oldest
children grow up with this tree.

This is my newest 4 ft. white tree
with purple ornaments and white
lights. It is in one of the bedrooms.

This tree is 6 ft decorated in gold and
silver balls, white lights, and the garland
is a lacey silver. It is located in my
living room (most people call it my
victorian room.) My 6 ft. aluminum pom pom tree
with color wheel is decorated
with green balls. I found this tree
2 years ago at a yard sale. It is
set up in my computer room This is the tree that takes me
all day to decorate. It is 9 ft.
I have to have a step ladder to
decorated it. It has ornaments
that my children and grand children
have given me plus others that
I have collected though the years.
It has colored lights and is in the
greatroom where we all gather at


BrasherGirl said...

They all look great!

Anonymous said...

They look lovely..
I haven't even started decorating yet.

Tattycat said...

Wow! Even when you've been there and seen them all before, it looks like more when the pictures are all together!

Anne said...

Boy you've been a busy little elf. Your Christmas trees are just beautiful. I remember those aluminum trees when I grew up. Thank you for bringing that sweet memory to mind. It looks very nastalgic (spelling?). And I just love the 9 ft. Christmas tree you have in your great room. They all look so lovely. Oh the white ones with the purple bulbs is really nice to. Have a good day!

kara said...

I can't believe you even have a tree in the bathroom! They all look very nice.

Anonymous said...

Your trees are all very beautiful. I remember when the aluminin trees became popular. They had a colored disk that turned and caused the tree to turn colors. Thanks for taking me back. Memories are wonderful aren't they?

Anonymous said...
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