Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I have been tagged by brashergirl
for the Christmas Spirit Award and
I am to list 5 of my favorite things
about Christmas and tag another
person. So here goes:

1. Decorating the house and the yard.
2. Baking goodies for my family and
3. Being with my family on Christmas
4. Enjoying Christmas Carols and other
Christmas songs.
5. Giving thanks that our Lord and Savior
was born on this day.

I now tag: tattycat


BrasherGirl said...

I like your list! Glad you read my blog to see I had tagged you. I meant to leave a message on your blog to let you know, but I was in a rush to go do my grocery shopping, and I forgot! Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

Tattycat said...

Thanks for the award. You deserve it above and beyond anyone I know!