Saturday, December 31, 2011


All my Christmas decorations have been put
up for another year. Now I have my snowmen
collection out for the month of January. Pictured
above is a towel to wipe your hands on that my
daughter, Kara gave me a few years ago. Needless
to say I do not wipe my hands on it, it is just for

Many of the snowmen I purschased at yard sales.
This is one of them.

More yard sales finds. These little one line my
ledge over my kitchen sink area.

This basket was given to me and for the life of
me I can not remember who gave it to me. The
2 cute little snowmen are more yard sale finds.

Another yard sale find.

This I also got at a yard sale many years ago.

The hand painted tin can was given to me by
my daughter-in-law, the snowman is another
yard sale find.

The tea set is and mugs are another yard sale
find as is the cute snowman in the background,
which is one of my favorites.

This snowman was given to me by my daughter, Deann.

Another yard sale find.

Daughter, Deann, gave me these cute snowmen.

Bought this cute snowman years ago.

Another of my yard sale finds.

This crystal snowman is another yard sale find.

Tin snowman sits on my kitchen counter top. Another
yard sale find

The top snowman made of tin the bottom one is a stuffed one and yes they are more yard sale finds.

The tin snowman on top is a birdhouse, the bottom one is another stuffed one both are yard sale finds.

More yard sale finds.

The snowman in the background holds a
tea candle . I hope you have enjoyed seeing
my collection and that I have not bored you.
Have a blessed day this last day in 2011.


Deann said...

Very nice decorations, Mom!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed everyone of them.. each are so cute and unique in its own way.. I don't think I own even one snowman :)