Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Today is the 70Th anniversary of the
bombing of Pearl Harbor. I was
only 5 years old when this happened.
My dad who fought in WWI wanted
to go once again and serve his country
but because of his having a family they
would not take him. His brother did
join up and fought in WWII. I remember
the rationing books, saving the tin foil
from chewing gum and the flags that
hung in the windows of the families that
had loved ones fighting in the war. I honor
all the service men and women who help
keep this country free. God Bless America.


Deann said...

What a nice post, Mom. We should all honor those who have fought for our freedom!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Yesterday was a very sad day indeed. I remember my family talking about the rations and such. God bless all of our troops and all of those who have ever served or are serving now.
I love your inside and outside Christmas decorations. Everything looks lovely.

bj said...

Thanks for coming by today..I always love your visits.
O, and a blogger,
made YOUR gingerbread cookies and they are sooo cute. You must go over and see her picture of her little GINGERBREAD FAMILY. You will love it.
xo bj