Friday, December 2, 2011


I have gotten all my Christmas decorations
put up. I want to share with you
some of my trees. I have one in
every room of the house ranging
in size for 2 foot to 6 foot. Pictured
above is my newest tree it has clear lights with gold ornaments, gold and white
garland and a crochet white angle for
the tree topper. This tree is in my
Victorian living room.

This tree is in my great room, It has
colored lights and the ornaments
are ones the children and given me
plus ornaments with pictures of all
my grandchildren and great grandchildren
decorating the tree.

This is my silver aluminum
pom-pom tree. It was one
of my yard sale finds a few
years ago. It has the color
wheel. This tree is in my computer room.

Another yard sale find.

This 4 foot tree is in

my little room off the


This tree is in my bedroom.

It has clear lights and is

decorated with purple ornaments

and white and lavender ribbon


This is a gift from my son and

his wife. It is a Christmas gift

for this year but they gave it to

me early so I could display it

with all my other decorations.

They thought since I bake

gingerbread cookies every year

for everyone I needed a gingerbread

house. It lights up and I think it

is so cute. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Their all so pretty!! and I love the gingerbread house!!!

farmlady said...

I only have one little 3 foot tree. I feel like a slacker. I may go out and buy one more tree just because of this post.
I love the white metal one with all the same colored bulbs.
I like the idea of a tree that has photos of grandchild on it.
I really love them all.
YES, I'm going to buy another tree.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Just beautiful my dear friend..May you be as Blessed as I have been..Hugs and smiles Gloria

Deann said...

It all looks very festive!

bj said...

My goodness...all your trees are beautiful. The little house is precious.
I have been asking around for a good gingerbread cookie recipe. Could you send me yours?

Thanks and have a great Sunday.
xo bj

Packrat said...