Sunday, December 4, 2011


Pictured above and below are some of my
outside Christmas decorations. This is my
storage house that I keep all my decorations
stored. The little Santa's and deer are some
of the wood craft that my husband and I did
when we were in the craft business.

More wood craft that we did when we were
in the craft business.

This is my little house that I keep my garden

tools and material stored. My husband built

it for me. I love decorating it for the different


Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus have a special
place. The real reason for the season of Christmas.

The snowman was a gift from my daughter,

Debbie, a few years ago. The two little deers

are yard sale finds. I purchased the candy canes

after Christmas last year at a very good price.

They line my walk way in front of the house.


Deann said...

Very pretty, Mom!

Packrat said...

Very cute. I like how decorate the different buildings.

bj said...

Your outside decorations are so cute. Love them.

I posted about your delicious cookies (with links back to you) so come by, have a cookie and a cup of tea. :))
xo bj

farmlady said...

Aren't husbands who build little sheds wonderful? Decorating them is a wonderful idea.
Your whole yard looks so pretty.
Love the wood cutouts and all the lights.

Anonymous said...

All very pretty.. thanks for sharing..