Friday, July 1, 2011


July is light blue the color of the sky.
July feels like a long vacation in the sun.
It sounds like waves splashing alone the
beach. July smells like my birthday cake
It taste like chocolate ice-cream. July
is the best month of the year.
~Gurpiar Sidhu~


Packrat said...

We're hoping summer is finally here. Hope you are doing well.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I also would love to be friends with you on facebook.. couldn't fine any email for you so if you want to connect over there please go to my blog (I should have my email contact on the blog somewhere) and email me your email addy so I can send you a friend request.. Hope to see you there soon.

Packrat said...

Dear Madeline,

We can be friends on facebook if you promise not to use my real name on any blog "stuff" or ever mention or link my blog on facebook. Oh, and if you can stand it. :)

This all sounds very dramatic, but there are a few really good reasons why. (No, I'm not famous or a criminal.)

First, there are several of us locally that have the same name. Then recently, one of my husband's brothers married a woman with the same first name as mine. All these women with the same name often causes extreme confusion and embarrassment.

Second, there is my husband's business.

Third, there are family issues. My blog is mine. It isn't for family members or close friends (other than my daughter) to read.

Fourth, some of family members and "friends" on facebook are rather uncouth which embarrasses and irritates me.

Just let me know if you are "brave" enough to get involved, okay?

Deann said...

I have one more thing to add... July is HOT!

Madeline's Album said...

Pat and Packrat,
I could not find your e-mail addresses but mind is on the bottom of this leave a comment block. Madeline

Anonymous said...

sorry, I didn't see it anywhere at the bottom..

Anonymous said...

please send me an email at thx