Saturday, July 9, 2011



Instead of fretting over those things
you cannot control resolve to accept
that which is--let tranquility be your goal.

Instead of feeling sorry when a close
relationship ends go out and revel in
true joy of being among your friends.

Instead of feeling that in life's chain
you are just another link--realize that
your future is unbounded for you have
the think.

Instead of always griping about that
which you have not--why not say a prayer
each day to God for what you've got.
~Paul F. Malinowski~


farmlady said...

This is so true. We are turning into a nation of whiners and most everyone is waiting for someone else to make life better... waiting for the government, the lottery, a relative, a friend., a guardian angel.
It's time to give thanks "instead".

Packrat said...

Yes, so true.