Saturday, March 5, 2011


Red bud tree.
Pear tree


Forsythia bush.

As you can see by the photos above spring has
come to central Alabama. Most of my spring
bushes and trees are in full bloom. Along with the the
daffodils, hyacinths and periwinkle. I am going
to enjoy every moment since I missed it last year.
I hope my azaleas will as pretty as they were last year
when my husband took pictures for me. I do not
remember the name of the bush in the last photo.
God is good and his creations are a beauty to behold.


Deann said...

Yes, it's beginning to look like spring... but it sure doesn't feel like it today! I'm cold!

Packrat said...

BAH! lol

Really, I'm glad for you. The new leaves and flowers are so beautiful. I'm so sick of winter. We had new snow this morning.

I guess everyone has some weather related problems to deal with. You get the humidity; we seldom do.