Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Treatments and Tests

Mom's kidney numbers weren't dropping as quickly as the doctors wanted them to, so they tried dialysis again today. They were able to complete the treatment, but during the process Mom became very agitated and her breathing became labored so they had to increase her dependence on the ventilator once again. It seems that her agitation/anxiety has been steadily increasing over the past few days... so much so that the nurses have to keep giving her medication to calm/sedate her. She will open her eyes and look around at times, but she really hasn't acknowledged our presence since Saturday. We were told late this afternoon that one of her doctors had requested an EEG and another CAT Scan be done. The nurse wasn't sure of the reason for the tests, but she said that we would know the results tomorrow.

~ Deann


Packrat said...

Dear Deann,

Your Mom can probably hear you even if she doesn't acknowledge it. Just keep telling her you love her and that we miss her and are praying for her.

Your own stress level must be through the roof right now. I hope your siblings are there to help and comfort.


Tattycat said...

Sue is right Deann. She may or may not hear you but do keep taking to her and kissing her. I have been through this and know first hand that they are aware of much more than we realize. Just try to comfort her and derive comfort from this yourself. Our prayers are with you all. Love, Laura

Duchess of Tea said...

Thanks for the update darling, stay strong, my prayers continue.