Saturday, April 10, 2010

A Little Good News

We had a little good news about Mom's condition today:
  • Her kidney numbers have continued to drop (lower is better).
  • The doctors have lowered her dependence on the ventilator.
  • The doctors have also increased her tube feedings, and she is tolerating them well.
It may not seem like much, but at least it's a step in the right direction!

~ Deann


Tattycat said...

This is wonderful, Deann! Praise God for these steps forward. We are so thankful and I know this must bolster all of you. Continuing to pray with faith, expectation, and thankfulness!

Packrat said...

This is good news. Prayers still being said. I bet you and your dad are exhausted. Please try to get some rest.

Random, but one time in an email (we were discussing whether your mom and dad flew or drove out West to visit), your mom mentioned that she'd like to drive out, visit her home town one more time, and see her brother. Like a dumbie, I never did ask where she grew up or where her brother lives. I know the state and which "end", but won't mention it here. I'm just being ultra nosy and curious, partly because my son and grandchildren live in that "end" of the same state. If/when you have time, could you email me? No spaces: off key mama at g mail dot com . Something keeps nudging me to ask.

Please tell your mom we miss her. Sue