Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting Better Each Day

If you have read the last few posts here on Mom's blog, you know that there have been MANY positive things happening with her this week. Here are the latest...
  • Her catheters have all been removed.
  • She is now off the nasal cannula and is breathing room air.
  • She has been up walking with the assistance of a walker (and a physical therapist).
We are being told that Mom should be moving out of ICU very soon, and, with the way things have been going this week, we aren't surprised at all!



Tattycat said...

Hooray! Such wonderful news. I know you are all very excited. We are anxious for her to be well enough for short visits, but we will wait until y'all tell us she is up to it. Give her our love. Laura and Bill

Packrat said...

So wonderful! Prayers continuing for your mom's improvement.