Thursday, March 12, 2009


I want to wish my granddaughter,
Katie, and very happy 21st
birthday. She and I share
the same birthday and when
she was younger we used to
celebrate together. I am so glad
for those memories. I am 73 years
young. I have been blessed in so
many ways and I give God thanks
for everyone of them.
Have you ever stopped to think that
the candles on a birthday cake can
represent accomplishments as well
as years? The little things we've done
to help others ---perhaps a thoughtful
prayer, an encouraging word or a
helping hand when it was needed.

Age should not be counted merely by
the number of years we live, but also
by the good we accomplish during
these years. Each candle on our birthday
cake, therefore, can be a symbol of what
we have done to enrich the lives of
others as well as our own.

~James Keller~


BrasherGirl said...

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Deann.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and Katie.. hope you both have a wonderful blessed day.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday to you and your grandaughter Katie. I loved that quote you wrote by James Keller. That was really nice. Was he related to Hellen Keller?

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Pat and Anne. I had a wonderful day. Anne I do not know if he was related to Helen Keller.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mqdeline!
Happy Bierthday Katie!
I loved the quote too ♥
I hope both of you had a wonderful day. What a nice gift to have a grandchild born on your birthday :>)

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Carol. We both had a great day. I am glad you enjoyed the poem.