Thursday, March 19, 2009


I spent yesterday putting out my Easter
decorations inside and outside the house.
Pictured below are some of my decorations.
Click on pictures to make them larger.
Picket fence crafted by my husband and painted
and decorated by me.
More crafted decorations. These wood pieces
were cut by my husband and painted by me.

Just another piece my husband and I did.

This piece invites visitors to the court yard as
it does every year.

No explanation needed for this picture. Flag
with Easter bunny painting eggs.

My one and only Easter cookie jar.
Which I will fill with my homemade
peanut butter cookies.

Easter bunny tea set my daughter, Debbie,
gave me a couple of year ago.

One of two Easter trees I have
on display.

Entrance hall table always holds my tall bunnies,
bunny light, and glass egg that will hold jelly beans
when I buy some.

My bunny family proudly sits and watches
over my victorian room.

Cloth bunny on back door.

This paper mache bunny was a yard sale find
that was in poor condition, I had to repaint the

Ceramic bunnies two more yard sale finds.

This cloth angel bunny greets visitors when
they come to the front door.


Anonymous said...

How cute!! You always have such cute decorations.. where on earth do you find the room to store them? I'd love to decorate like that but DH stores everything in the attic and I can't get up there :(

BrasherGirl said...

Hey! You forgot to decorate for Pi Day (March 14) and the Ides of March (March 15). You better work on that for next year!

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Pat, I have a room in the basement for my inside decorations and a storage house for the outside decorations.

Madeline's Album said...
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Madeline's Album said...

Sorry Deann, I have no more room for anymore decorations. :)

Anne said...

Oh my gosh, I just love all of your Easter decorations. I don't think there's one that I do not like. Everything looks so festive for the new season. Thanks for sharing your photos with us all. I also love your Easter tea set. So pretty. Happy Spring!

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Anne. I only took pictures of some of them, if I took all the pictures and posted them it would take some time to see them all :). I am glad you enjoyed the ones I did post.