Monday, October 26, 2015


It has been a rainy day here today,   so I started my holiday baking.   These pumpkin breads have been securely wrapped and put into the freezer until Christmas when they will be given as gifts.
I still have more to do but have plenty of time to get them done. 


Linda said...

Dear Madeline, this is something I have never tried...pumpkin bread! I have had banana bread, which I love, but I have never tried this one. Your breads look delicious, and it is so nice of you to bake like this and give them as gifts. I bet the recipients will be very grateful. The perfect thing to do on a rainy Autumn day is to bake! :)

Sara - My Woodland Garden said...

Hello, dear Madeline! I can almost feel the smell of your freshly baked pumpkin bread. The breads look delicious and very Christmassy.
Our weather has turned rainier too, and colder. Today we saw also something white falling from the sky, but only for a moment... :)
Enjoy your Christmas preparations and have a blessed day!