Thursday, August 11, 2011


My husband has started
to paint the kitchen cabinets.
It has been a while since they
have been painted and they
really need it. He is painting
them white like the last time.
I will have a mess for a while
but it will be worth it to have
clean white cabinets once again.
I have been helping with the
washing part, getting the grease
and grime off.


farmlady said...

What a project! I'm thinking about painting my cabinets but it's still in the "thinking" stage.... the "no work" stage. LOL!
and I have more pressing maters at the moment... like cleaning off fire retardant from all my plants.
Hope we see a photo of the finished kitchen soon.

Packrat said...

It will be so nice for you when they are done. Worth the mess for a week or a month.

Mine are in terrible shape. But instead of doing mine, I believe we will start on the ones in the parish hall kitchen next week. They are stained but almost a gray color - really, really ugly. Light yellow coming up. :)

Deann said...

I know they'll look great when he's finished! Don't let him work too hard, though!

Anonymous said...

Hi Madeline, good luck with the painting project. My hubby and I nearly killed ourselves painting all of bedrooms. You will have to post pictures when your done. I bet it turns out beautiful! Thank you for vising me. Many blessing to you my friend ♥