Saturday, August 20, 2011


My husband finished painting the kitchen
cabinets today. He did a great job. My kitchen
is small so it was sort of difficult to get photos.
The cabinets look nice and clean now and my
drawers and shelves are neat and I have gotten
rid of a lot of the clutter. I just hope they stay
that way. Thank you sweet husband for doing
this for me. Below are some more of the
photos I took.


Packrat said...

Dear Madeline, The cabinets look great. From what I can tell from the pictures, your kitchen looks functional and open so you can visit with family while cooking.

farmlady said...

How wonderful. the cabinets look really nice.
What a great guy your husband is.
Now you need to bake him a cake or something in that beautiful new kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Oh Madeline your kitchen project turned out beautiful! What a pretty and cozy kitchen you have. The cabinets turned out great!! I hope you have a wonderful week. Many blessing to you ♥

Deann said...

They turned out great! I know you are glad they are finished!