Monday, August 8, 2011


Here it is only the eighth of August and
some schools here in Alabama are starting
today and some will start next week. When
I was going to school (many years ago) we
did not start until after Labor Day. That was
the end of summer, the public swimming
pool closed and we were ready to go back to
school. This was in California. I know my
grandkids in the state of Washington do not
start back until after Labor Day.

Keep an eye out of kids crossing the street and
getting on and off the school buses.


Packrat said...

Actually, I'm not sure when school starts here. The pool will close when the college kids leave town which is probably next week. I am not ready for fall. Summer just got here.

farmlady said...

Even in California school starts earlier than it use to. I guess life just keeps changing. I'm not sure that it's for the better but it does keep changing.
We even have some "all year" schools.

Deann said...

Well, at least the boys have until August 22 before they start back!