Monday, June 20, 2011


My daughter, Deann, and her youngest came

over today to enjoy the pool. They try to come

over a least twice a week. The photo is of

Joseph. His older brother did not come because

he volunteers at the Gardendale library but

does come when he is not volunteering at the library

or the zoo. Joseph also volunteers at the

library. I too have been getting some swimming

in. With the hot weather we have been having

it is very refreshing to just float around after I

do a few laps. I love watching the clouds float by

up in the sky, listening to the birds, watching

dragonflies and other creatures and just being in

the outdoors makes me closer to God.


farmlady said...

How nice that you live close enough to your daughter and grandchildren that they can visit so often.
I would love that. I would even invest in a swimming pool.
I'm glad that you get in there too. It's so good to swim around and move your body in water. Really good exercise.

Packrat said...

Ditto the "farmlady". Even though I love to swim and even though we live a block from the city pool, I never go over there. The water is just too, too cold. It's the kind of cold that you don't get used to even after being in for a while.

Packrat said...

PS: It is really great that your grandsons volunteer at the library and zoo. Not only are they learning to be good citizens, but they are most likely providing much needed services.

Deann said...

Joseph and I had a lot of fun yesterday! Too bad it had to rain when Adam and I came today!