Sunday, January 24, 2010


This morning I happened to glance out the window
and what to my wondering eyes did I see,
starlings, they covered the front yard, the back yard
and my neighbors yard. I love to watch them
so many in the flock and what a noise they make.
You can clap your hands and off they fly up to
the trees and another yard.

Neighbors yard
My back yard.

My driveway and neighbors yard.


BrasherGirl said...

I hope they don't find your bird feeders... just imagine trying to feed all of them!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

One word come to mind girl...Alfred Hitchcock's the BIRDS ha ha!! thanks for sharing this wonderful photo...Hope you have a great Sunday my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Packrat said...

That is a lot of birds! Glad you were able to get a couple of pictures. Looks pretty where you live. Hope you have sunshine filled day. :)

Charli and me said...

Wow! I think it's amazing how they all seem to wind up in the same place. They looks so pretty when they all take off or land together. Your yard is so pretty ♥ I hope you are having a nice afternoon....