Saturday, January 9, 2010


Home In The Hollow

There's a home in the hollow with a bubbling stream,
where I can lay down and dream and dream;
and I can go places where I've never been.
And I can be old or a young child again,
a home in the hollow where peace lives on,
where life can stand still with the breaking of dawn.

There's a home in the hollow with tall, tall trees,
where wee creatures live way high in the leaves;
and each night they gather on their porches to sing,
with the frogs and the crickets by the ponds and spring;
and all of the nightbirds join in on the song,
and the home in the hollow feels like it belongs.

There's a home in the hollow where the morning sunrise
is a great breathless wonder to the beholders eyes;
where a child can grow happy, wiser and strong,
and family ties can go on and on;
where people can share in the joys that they give,
at home in the hollow where the good people live.
~Frank Dycus~

I found this poem in back of one of my cook books, I
hope you all enjoy it.


Packrat said...

I did enjoy it. It was lovely. Thank you for sharing it.

BrasherGirl said...

Not many places like that anymore, are there?

fiberdoodles said...

So pretty!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

What a pretty poem girl...was this in the cookbook or one you just struck in the book??? I have an old Betty Crocker cook book I got with Blue Chip stamps 50 years ago and I now call it my memory book...Its filled with picture my kids use to made at school for me and things the grandkids made...the book itself is falling apart but it hold so many great memories for me ha ha!! And girl my granddaughter who is 27 now says thats the only thing she wants when I die is that old cook book too funny to me...May you have a wonderful day my friend...Thanks for the visit I'm glad you and your husband enjoyed my Antiques...Like I said I'm just the care taker of history of them....Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem. I love it. I hope you are staying warm this month. It's been cold here, at least too cold for me :>)