Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The future is not ours to know
and it may never be - so let us
live and give our best and give
it lavishly.

I found this small item in the
book...Inspiration for living by
Helen Steiner Rice.

Have a wonderful Tea and Friendship


Duchess of Tea said...

Madeline darling this is such a sweet poem, thank you for posting it. Luv, I just popped in to let you know that for the remainder of December I will not be able to participate in the tea posting and will definitely resume it in January. Have a lovely week and thank you so much for the kind comments you have left for me this past few weeks, you are a dear friend.

Love & Hugs

BrasherGirl said...

I agree with the duchess... it is a sweet poem.

Charli and me said...

Good evening Madeline. I love this prescious poem and it is so true. I hope you are having a lovely week. I might try to bake a little this weekend. I know you are going to bake something delicous. Thanks for partisipating in Tea and friendship Tuesday's ♥

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Hey Madeline I seen where you did live in NV,city...I'm in Pioneer right above Jackson 15 miles off of hiway 88...where you were at 49....I loved going to NV,city and Grass valley so many fun shops and beautiful B and B's there...Last time I went to NV,city I fell down the street could't stop myself from running and falling....ended up in the hospital with a head injuries ha ha!!We were planning on spending the weekend but had to go home...Many mountain hugs to you my friend....Love Gl♥ria