Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I am taking a break from my baking. I thought
I'd show some of my Christmas decorations.
This vase contains red and gold ornaments and
a string of clear lights with poinsettias on top.

This tree is my largest one. I am only 5ft. tall
and need a 7ft. ladder to decorate the top. It
has ornaments that have been given to us by
our children, some bought and some homemade.
I also have all my grand children's picture ornaments
on this tree. It takes me all day to decorate it.
It is located in our great room where we spend
most of our time.
I decorate my Victorian room in pink, gold and
silver. The manger is one my grandson and his
wife gave me.

The tree in my Victorian room has silver and gold
ornaments, white lights, and silvery garland.
I have my small collection of Santa's and angels
around the tree.

This is my pom pom silver
aluminum tree I got at a
yard sale last year. It is
is located in my computer
room. Decorated in shades
of green ornaments. I also
hung ornaments and white
snowflakes form my cornice
my husband made me.

This is my white tree with clear

clear lights, purple ornaments,

ribbon garland.

Here is a little better picture
of the same tree. I have also
hung fuzzy lavender snowflakes
and what looks like a grape
cluster (bells) from the cornice.
I have a tree in every room of the
house. They range from two foot
to the large one in the great room
that is 7 foot. My whole house is
decorated. The only tree I did
not take a picture of is a silver
aluminum 4 foot tall it is decorated
in red ornaments. If I think about
it I will take a picture when I take
pictures of my outside decorations.


Anonymous said...

My goodness!! I don't even want to put up my fiber optic tree and you have one in most every room..
They sure are beautiful.. where do you find the energy?

BrasherGirl said...

You need to have a Christmas Open House to show off all your festive decorations!

Elise said...

wow you have been busy. I have the sum total of 2 decorations up at the moment !!

Packrat said...

Wow! So pretty. I don't have anything out/up!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Madeline. Your house is beautiful! It looks so warm and inviting. I like your idea of a tree in every room. don't you just love Christmas? I adore that little silver pom pom tree. My hubby and I had one of those the first year we were married. I wish I still had it :>) I can't wait to see what your baking. I hope you haave a lovely weekend.

Anne said...

Your trees are just beautiful Madeline. Your home looks all nice and cozy for the season.