Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This is the one tree I did not
photograph in my previous
post. It is a four foot aluminum
one that I purchased in the
early 1960's.
Not a very clear picture of the court yard. It
is much prettier when seen first hand.

Night view of Santa in sleigh and deer crossing

Daytime view of Santa in sleigh and deer
crossing bridge. My husband cut them out
for me and I did the painting. We have had
them for quite a number of years.

Night-time view of my little house. Hope you
can make out Santa and Mrs. Claus on the right
and the little Christmas tree on the left.

Daytime view of my little house with a better
view of Santa and Mrs. Claus and the tree.

Night-time view of the Manger scene.

Daytime view of the Manger scene.
I have other decorations but these are the main
ones. It is very pretty at night when everything
is lit up. Click on photo's to enlarge them to see
them much better.


BrasherGirl said...

Very pretty! You and Dad did a wonderful job!

Anonymous said...

It all looks so pretty.. I especially love the little house

Anonymous said...

Dear Madeline I just love that tree! It brings back so many memories for me. I love your santa and reindeer on the bridge. I like that your hubby made it for you. That little house of yours is just darling. Your Nativity is beautiful. Everything looks so pretty ♥