Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Here are the Santa's I have collected over the years and use in my Christmas decorations.

This little Santa sits in my computer room.

These two Santa's are really tree tops but I just use them on a cabinet I have in my great room.

My Santa pillow in the great room sitting in a rocking chair.

These three Santa's are in my living room.   I use pink to decorate in this room. 

Another pink Santa in my living room next to my pink poinsettia.

This Santa plays a song when you press his hand.  He is in the little room off my kitchen.

This old timey Santa is also in my little room off the kitchen.

This little Santa also shares a place in the little room off the kitchen.

I hope you have enjoyed seeing just some of my decorations.   I use a lot of poinsettias in my decorations and many items that have been given to me by my family over the years. 


Linda said...

Dear Madeline,

I absolutely love everything you are sharing here. Very beautiful, festive and heartwarming.

Sara - My Woodland Garden said...

Dear Madeline,
your header image surprises me every time, even though I already know to expect something very beautiful.
Your Santas are all lovely and cute, and the pink ones look especially pretty and magical. We never had a pink poinsettia, but we most certainly will.
Thank you for sharing and have a blessed day!