Sunday, November 11, 2012


                    Because of you, Unknown Soldier
   Because of you, I am here.  Because of you, I am
able to live freely.

Yet I do not know you and I have not done
anything for you.

But there you stand, ready to fight  and there you
are prepared to die for me.

You've fought before and you'll fight again  for
someone you don't know.

So thank you Unknown Soldier fighting for me

I'm here because of you and I owe my future to you.

                  ~Courtney Tanabe

Many in my family have served this country . My Dad (WW1), my uncle
(WW2)  my husband (Korean War), my brother (Navy) and many cousins.
I am proud of them all and for those still here with us I say thank you and
for those you have gone on to a better place I hope they knew how much I
loved them and appreciated their service. 

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Deann said...

What a nice tribute to our veterans!