Monday, March 26, 2012


I think spring time is a beautiful time of the
year. Here in Alabama the azaleas , wisteria,
red bud trees and dog wood trees are in full
bloom. Wild flowers are blooming everywhere.
Pictured above and below are some of my
azaleas bushes in all their glory. I have at last
count 85 azaleas and they are just full of blooms
this year.

Most of our back yard is left to nature. Put we
planted azaleas to add color.

More of our back yard which has a wet weather
creek running when we have a good rain.

More of the azaleas blooming in the back yard.

These are in the back of the storage shed where
I keep all my outside decoration stored.
Side yard .
Front yard .
More of the azaleas in the front yard.
I tried to get a good picture of the front yard
with all the azaleas in it.
This is in the front yard .
More of the azaleas in the front yard. You
can see I have pink, red, white, peach and the
one here that is pink is really a fuchsia color.
Hope you have enjoyed Spring time here at
my house .


Anonymous said...

Wow.. so pretty!!

farmlady said...

Stunning!! What a beautiful display of Spring your yard is.
I cannot get these plants to do well here. It must be the dryness.
Thanks for a lovely tour of you Springtime garden.

Deann said...

Lovely! I never realized you had so many azaleas behind the house!

bj said...

OOO, Maddy, your yard is just something out of a magazine. These don;t do well out here in dry West Texas. Just stunning.
Happiest Easter and I hope the Easter Bunny leaves you something pretty. :))

Tattycat said...

The pictures of your azaleas are beautiful, Madeline. I know you really enjoyed them.