Saturday, March 10, 2012


I just could not resist taking some pictures of
some of the flowering bushes around the house
when I went out to enjoy the beautiful day we
had here today. This is just one of my azalea
bushes that are in bloom or that have buds
ready to bloom any day now. My husband
even got out and enjoyed sitting in the swing.
He is feeling some better, the doctor is letting
him rest for 3 weeks before he starts chemo
treatments again.

Another bush, not sure of the name of it and
in the background another azalea bush.
Pink thrift and another azalea bush. Some
of my St. Patrick's Day decorations. Click
on pictures to enlarge for a better view
of the flowers.


bj said...

Hi, Maddy, o, your flowering bushes are sooo pretty. Love your decorations for St. Patricks Day, too.

We've enjoyed a cloudy day with a little rain, off and on...mostly sprinkles...but it sure has been nice.

So glad Mr. Album is getting a rest between treatments. Bless his heart.

Deann said...

Very pretty!