Wednesday, May 18, 2011


With Armed Forces Day this Saturday, Memorial
Day the 30th of this month, then in June Flag day
and in July comes the 4th. I am all decked out
with red, white and blue decorations inside my
house and in my yard. I am posting pictures of
my inside decorations today and will post the yard
ones later.

This is a tin flag basket with flags and 2 candles,
all bought at yard sales.

This stuffed bear has many sweaters for different

holidays. The star box has a patriotic Santa. More

yard sale finds

This sweet Victorian bear is one my daughter,

Deann, gave me.

Wood Uncle Sam another yard sale find.

More flags and the statue of Lady of Liberty is

a lenox piece yes another find at a yard sale.

Red, white and blue candle and a tin plaque

that can be hung on the wall but I like to use

it in a brass holder. More yard sales finds.

Paper hat and one of four place mats.

I have eight of these decorations. They can be

hung or used like you see here. More yard sale


Tin umbrella holder .

I just love these liberty bears and the patriotic

rocking chair. Yes more of my yard sale finds.

More yard sale finds. These cute patriotic


I have many vases with flags and red, white and

blue flowers sitting around. The flag tray is one

I found at a yard sale.

More yard sale finds, cloth place mat, small

eagles and vase with flags and red, white and

blue flowers.

All most all of my decoration have been found at

yard sales. This runner and decorations are no

exception In the back ground is just one of my

beanie baby patriotic bears. Some people think

I go overboard in decorating but I love doing it

and as long as I am able I will continue doing it.


farmlady said...

My goodness, I feel like I should go out and buy some red, white and blue for my home.
This is very fun and patriotic. I love the little Victorian bear. He's just adorable.

Deann said...

I think it looks great, Mom! Very patriotic!

Packrat said...

Your decorations are fun. I admire that you do decorate, and you have a eye for it. (If I tried it, it would look a mess.) Great yard sale finds, and the little bear is so cute.