Monday, June 7, 2010


My daughter, Debra, her husband,
their youngest son and his girlfriend
brought Ethan, my great grandson
up to swim yesterday afternoon.
I was so glad the weather cooperated
the sun stayed out all afternoon while
they were here. Ethan had a ball
swimming with his water wings on.
They were the first ones to use the
pool. Ethan is not afraid of the water
in fact he jumped off the diving board
in to the arms of his Uncle Grant.
Ethan swimming
Ethan just able to stand
up in the three foot part
of the pool.

Ethan loves the water and had a great
time. I wish he lived closer so he could
come and swim more often, but since
he and his family live in Texas that is
impossible. He is leaving tomorrow to
go back home after staying with his
grandparents for a week.
Ethan with his Uncle Grant.


Deann said...

It looks like he had a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

How cute and the water looks so inviting.. can't wait for my pool to clear up.

Anonymous said...

Your pool is absolutely beautiful Madeline. The water looks so inviting! All of you must have loads and loads of fun in it. What memories the kids must have!

Packrat said...

That looks like so much fun. Glad you had a visit from your "kids".

宗HeidiJ_Sco0穎 said...
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Anne said...

Wow, the pool looks great and the water looks lovely. Your great grandson looks like he's having a blast. I didn't even notice the water wings on his arms until you mentioned it. Their usually bright orange in color. Take care and thanks for leaving the nice comments on my blog. Your one of my best blogging friends. =)