Thursday, July 30, 2009


The real secret of happiness

is simply this: to be willing to

live and let live, and to know

very clearly in one's mind that

the unpardonable sin is to be

an unpleasant person.

~Galen Starr Ross~


Anne said...

I myself try to be pleasant to everyone who I come across. Great quote.
Your pool in your sidebar looks so inviting.

farmlady said...

I do agree with this. Trying to be an pleasant person is a good idea..., but sometimes being unpleasant is the only way to make someone listen. Those are the folks who don't treat others as they want to be treated. Maybe they like being treated badly. I guess there are some who live that way.
Obviously, this is food for thought. Thank you! I'm thinking....

Anonymous said...

This is so true Madeline. Great post! I agree with Anne. Your pool looks wonderful ♥