Saturday, November 8, 2008


I just fell in love with this picture. The old timey house
and kids raking leaves and the fire brought back a lot of
memories. My children are all grown and married with
kids of their own, so now it is left up to my husband and I
to do the raking and burning. With the amount of trees
we have around our home it is a never ending job in the fall.
Below are some pictures of what the yard looks like this
morning. We had a little rain yesterday so we will have to
wait for the leaves to dry out some then the work begins.
Side yard.

Deck on back of house.

Back yard.

Side yard on other side of house.

Just a portion of the front yard.


BrasherGirl said...

Hey, I like the natural look...just leave them where they are and let nature do its thing!

farmlady said...

Maybe you need to let some of them compost in place. Is there grass underneath? That's a BIG area to rake.