Saturday, March 22, 2008


Easter is the demonstration of
God that life is essentially
spiritual and timeless.
Charles M. Crowe

Wishing everyone a very happy
and blessed Easter.


samsa777 said...

Dear Madeline:

Thanks for visiting me so often. That's very kind of you. Yes, I'm a poet (I've published two poetry books) and I like taking photos, so I've taken all my pictures myself.

Talking about translation... hahhaha That is very, difficult... very, very difficult. It's a real challenge: I can speak and write in English fluently, but poetry uses a very peculiar language... Anyway, I'll try to do it... But I can promise good results hahhaha

Happy Easter.


samsa777 said...

It would be something like this, I guess:

“Love, is fair loving what is torn up,
The ruin that clears away hope
From the dump, the voice that has become a shred
Over the uncertain mood of remembrance.

Love, devotion to the cold
vestiges of desert is more than necessary:

Sooner or later, everything slips,
And there is only a trace of darkness
Here, where light was the whole universe.”

Hope you like it! Do you?

Tattycat said...

Happy Easter to you too!