Sunday, February 28, 2016



It is a beautiful day here in Pinson, Alabama.  To nice to stay indoors so I got out and got the
leaves out of my flower garden (that once was a swimming pool).  Then I came in and got my camera and took the above pictures of some of the spring flowers and bushes that are in bloom.  Daffodils, thrift, wild violets, and my azaleas and forsythia are starting to bloom.  To enlarge photos click on picture.


Sara - My Woodland Garden said...

Wonderful signs of spring, dear Madeline! It's especially lovely to find the first spring flowers.
We have about two feet of snow now, no flowers for some time yet. :)
Have a blessed day!

jandi said...

the daffodils are just lovely! yes, spring is around the corner for you... autumn is close for us... have a wonderful week! <3