Tuesday, April 1, 2014


                                                            Another Sure Sign

                                                           By Evaleen Stern

               When pink-cheeked on every hand little girls are seen to stand turning skipping ropes, -
                swish - swash!  While their laughing playmates run jumping over, - oh, what fun!  Swish -
                swash! Swish - Swash!  Two and two now, see them dash! one, two, one, two, round they
                scamper, softly thought, swish - swash!  Such merry  skipping, one, two, some one is
                slipping !  Oh, she's out now and must pay turning rope while others play!  See the bobbing
                golden curls, little skirts in rhythmic swirls rising, falling to the beat of the little skipping
                feet!  When these pretty sights appear, it is surely very clear April's here!

               The first of April, some do say, is set apart for All Fool's Day.  But why the people call it so,
                nor I, nor they themselves do know.  But on this day are people sent on purpose for sure
                merriment."    ~Poor Robins Almanac, 1790~

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farmlady said...

I love the Evaleen Stern poem. I can remember feeling this way when I was a child... still do sometimes.
Behave yourself and don't play any April Fools tricks on anyone. LOL!